My current car can be found here.

Here was my first car:

It is a 2002 Toyota Prius. It's a gas/electric hybrid so it get's much better gas milage and produces much less pollution. It gets approximately 52 miles/gallon in the city and 45 miles/gallon on the highway. You heard me... it gets BETTER milage in the city. :) This is because at low speeds the car primarily runs on the electric engine. When you reach higher speeds or need extra power, the gas engine turns on (quite quietly) and helps the car out.
Another reason the car performs so much better in the city is because it uses what's called "regenerative braking". In typical cars when you apply the brakes all the kinetic energy of the car is dissipated into the brake pads. In regenerative braking, when you begin applying the brakes the car uses the electric motor as a generator to help recharge the batteries. Instead of losing all the kinetic energy of the car, some of it is stored. This makes the process of braking much more energy efficient. Since city driving consists of much more braking than highway driving, gas milage in the city improves dramatically.

For Toyota's official site with more detailed information on the Prius, click here.

If you're interested in details on how the Prius works, I highly recommend Graham Davies's site. I found his documentation on how the Toyota Hybrid System (THS) works to be extremely helpful in understanding what my car is actually doing at different times.