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"Some people's lives are distinguished by a major victory. Mine, on the other hand, is characterized by many small victories." -- Brian Sneddon

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You can find my resume here. (It's a copy of my Monster.com resume because I like how they format it)

If you'd like to know a little more about me, click here.

My first car I ever bought was a new 2002 Toyota Prius. I loved my Prius so much that in May of 2005 I bought a new 2005 Toyota Prius. The new Prius is called the second generation Prius because it's significantly different than the 2002. For more details and some picture of my new 2005 Prius, click here.

Here you can find out about my 11 personal computers as well as a little story of my experiences with computers as I grew up.
Unfortunately not all of them are still operational, but I include them anyway. In fact, this page is a little out of date now. I'll get around to updating it eventually.

If you'd like to read my blog of technical issues I've encountered then head on over here. There's very little personal info here, just technical info. I've taken advantage of a lot of technical info on the web and it's only fair that I return the favor.

Brian's Babbling

I just wanted to give credit to my favorite cartoon, The Family Guy. This hilarious show cracks me up every time I see it. I have every episode and I laugh each time I watch them. The Family Guy has a very loyal following, but generally you either love it or hate it. As a result, it doesn't get terribly high ratings. It was originally aired on Fox, but they dropped it a while back. Now it's on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. This is a good thing because I found that Cartoon Network doesn't censor as much as Fox did. I find Fox's censoring of Family Guy to be amusing considering the quality of the shows they air currently. The Family Guy is a wonderful cartoon and its creator Seth MacFarlane deserves a lot of credit. I considered posting some of my favorite Family Guy quotes (in fact, based on the referrer information for my site chances are you're here because you included "Family Guy Quotes" in your search), but there's so much more humor in the presentation that you're better off just watching the episide again. Maybe I should collect all sorts of quotes to satisfy those of you who came here looking for them. It's only fair, right? I'll take care of that in the future. Family Guy is definitely my favorite cartoon and I hope for many many new episodes. As an update, due to its popularity while aired on Adult Swim (it was on of their highest rated shows) as well as impressive DVD sales, Fox has resurrected Family Guy as of May 2005. This is excellent news! Rarely do network execs realize their mistakes and put shows back on the air. I'm sure the Family Guy writers have had a lot of time to think of new jokes and I'm really looking forward to the new season. For those increasing number of you who got here searching for "Family Guy Prius" in Google, yes, in the first episode of this new season Brian the dog was driving one of the second generation Priuses. It didn't say Prius anywhere on it, but it's pretty obvious from the scenes inside and outside that it was one.

This page was originally created a few years back as an assignment in CS111 (yeah, back in the day) and has just grown from there. I'd say check back often...but I somehow doubt this page will change that often.

On the net, I only really use two main pseudonyms: Changeling and Annorax. 'Changeling' came from Star Trek: Deep Space 9. In this context, a 'changeling' is a shapeshifter, though it also has other definitions. I chose this name back when I was exploring BBSs and needed an alias. I've stuck with it since and it's always been my primary pseudonym. 'Annorax' originated from Star Trek Voyager. The name of one of the characters in the episode 'Year of Hell' was named Annorax (played by Kurtwood Smith). I chose this name for an online game I used to play called Gemstone 3. My character's name was Lord Annorax B'Rel. If you care to read more about this character, click here. On AIM I use the SN Maliphyte which was the name one of my best friends used for his character in Gemstone 3. I liked the name so much that I registered it and used it for AIM. I think it appealed to me because at the time I was a Sailor Moon fan and it reminded me of Malachite whom I considered to be a very powerful adversary in the Sailor Moon series.

I have a lot of strange hobbies. I used to collect sound clips by (for instance) placing a tape recorder by the TV, One of my other hobbies happens to be collecting domain names. :) So far, I've managed to register:
I dont waste my time with those silly .net, .org, or any of the other TLD's... only .com's... unless I come across a really good .net... I'd jump on one of them. Incidentally, this webpage can be reached using any of those addresses above. For now, at least.

Oh, by the way... I own the bumper sticker shown at the top right corner of this website. ;) At this point it's probably less obvious what it originally referred to. This was created in 2000 after Al Gore won the popular vote yet lost the electoral vote. Hence the expression "I voted with the majority." I never affixed the sticker to my car as I care too much about my car to affix a sticker that might incense someone to vandalize it.

Back when "Last Comic Standing" was still on the air I was always a fan of Jay London ever since I saw a preview of his first performance. He's one of the best comics on that show and I was really disappointed that he didn't make it into the final 3 of the second season. I thought he was definitely better than Alonzo and John and probably about equal to Gary. His performances always had me cracking up and I wish that he had made the final 3 so I could watch him perform again. I really hope to see Jay on some comedy shows after Last Comic Standing.

Favorite Sites

Ok, here's where im gonna rant and plug my favorite sites...if you dont like em, tough! <cackle>

I can relate to this particular comic all too well. Click here for more Dilbert comics I can relate to. :)

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